An Accumulation Solution for Today’s Clients

Agents and Advisors:

We have available an accumulation annuity solution designed for today’s clients. With a wealth of benefits and internal features, this solution can help you provide the value, security, and growth your clients desire.

Take a look at the benefits below:

  • 7yr Surrender Schedule
  • Available 6% Premium Bonus* (call for state
  • availability)
  • Multiple Volatility Control Indices available
  • PAR Rates as high as 185%
  • S& P Cap Rate as High as 6.75%
  • 10% Free Withdrawal in any contract year

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    Our Selection Process for FIAs for Accumulation

    We use three criteria when picking an FIA for accumulation.

    1) Does it have at least one strategy that could have averaged 4.0% over the last 10 years using current caps/pars, etc…?
    2) Does it have multiple strategies from multiple indexes that could have averaged 4.0% or better historically?
    3) Does the carrier have a documented renewal history of doing right by their clients?

    Steps 1 and 2 narrow it down to only 7 possible annuities.

    Based on this simple three-step process, we’re able to narrow thousands of strategies down to only 3 possible annuities.

    We employ software that shows the Top 40 strategies on the market this month based on historical models. Historical models are NOT a crystal ball. Rather they are simply beneficial to eliminate the products that stand no chance of meeting the threshold.

    About ProVision Brokerage:

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