5 EASY Referral Steps for your Appointment Setter

Step 1: Introduce the program to the customer

What are some ways you could do this?

Ask A Question:

  • “Were you aware that we make annuities and investments available through (Rep Name) here in the branch?”
  • “Have you had an opportunity to meet (Rep Name)? He/She is handling the annuity and investment opportunities in the branch.”
  • “Did you know that we offer various products that provide tax advantages and the opportunity for a higher long-term return?”

Step 2: Suggest that the customer meet with the sales representative

Possible Suggestions:

  • “Let me introduce you to our sales representative.”
  • “I’d be more than happy to set up an appointment for you to meet with the annuity or investment sales representative. He/she is in the branch every (weekday).”
  • “I can have (Rep Name) give you a call so you can arrange a convenient time to meet.”

What if the customer says they’re not interested?

You could try something like, “Please take one of these brochures. It outlines some features of what the program offers. Our representative’s card is inside if you would like to call.”

Step 3: Provide the customer with the representative’s business card

We suggest that you should always give the customer one of the sales rep’s business cards, preferably with their branch schedule written on it, if possible.

What are some ways you could do this?

Possible Statements:

  • “Let me give you his/her card. He/She will be in the branch next (weekday).”
  • “Here’s (rep name’s) business card. He/She is here now. If you have just a moment, I’d like to introduce you to him/her.”

Step 4: Set an appointment

Let’s talk about ways you might do this.

  • Important information about appointment setting:
  • In setting appointments, it’s essential that you know where the sales rep is and what his/her schedule is? (Does the branch know the sales rep’s schedule?)
  • Discuss how long you need between appointments, so they are not being scheduled 15 minutes apart.
  • Explain your procedure related to how you will update your schedule when you aren’t in the branch. For example, “I will call in at 4:00 pm each day that I’m not here to find out if there are any new appointments.”
  • If you’re not using email, voice mail or a pager, make arrangements with someone in the branch to be the point person for relaying your scheduling information to you.
  • By helping the branch staff understand how you like to work with customers, you’ll be better equipped to avert problems.

And, finally step 5 is to simply fill out the referral form.