Effective Elephant Hunting

Pre-Service Key Prospects

Many annuity producers and insurance agents service their clients by “group,” listing them according to their relative value as a customer. Most commonly this grouping is known as a rep’s ‘A-list’ or ‘B-list’ of customers.
The question we have for you today is, “Have you done the same for yourprospects?” Do you have a ‘Top 10’ Prospect List? This may include those individuals in the community with whom you would just love to do business? If you haven’t done it yet, you should.
Once you’ve identified these “big fish” prospects whom you would like to say are your newest A-list clients, the question now becomes, “What do we use for bait?”
These prospects are the individuals who every Tom, Dick and Harriet broker is trying to catch as well. So, what can you do differently to attract their business?
Instead of contacting them either by phone or mail and telling them about your qualifications and high quality service, you may need to show them instead.
Simply put, think about servicing these prospects now as if they were already an ‘A-list’ client. If this prospect is valuable enough to your business, then you’ll be willing to extend some “pre-service” in order to win their business.
Try some of the following pre-servicing ideas:
·         Send a brief letter introducing yourself and the services you provide.
·         Add them to your regular distribution list of any client correspondence you or your institution provides.
·         Scan newspapers and magazines for articles of interest related to theirline of business and send them with a short note and your card.
·         Send them articles highlighting areas that interest them specifically (tax, fishing, their business industry updates, etc…)
After you’ve ‘serviced’ them for a while. Give them a call. If they aren’t immediately interested, don’t quit. Keep sending them articles and ideas as long as they’re agreeable.
Keep your name in front of them. When you do make a call, you won’t be a stranger.



Remember, all correspondence needs to be compliance approved prior to mailing.