Handling Objections


Listed below are some proven tips to help you in your referral efforts. In addition to the tips, you’ll also find some sample phrases you can use in your interactions with customers.
Stress the Benefits
These may include the potential for long-term growth, higher returns, tax savings and safety of principal. Avoid suggesting any specific products or attempting to discuss individual product types, since a discussion about product specifics can only be conducted by a registered representative or licensed agent.
Be Enthusiastic!
When preparing to make a referral, try something like: “We have a lot of opportunities that could be beneficial to you. Could you come back on Thursday to meet with ____ and learn about your options?”
Stress the Popularity
Assure the customer that they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary by meeting with ____. You might say, “Many of our customers have taken advantage of meeting with [Rep Name], It may be a benefit to you as well.”
Be willing to admit that you don’t have all the answers
To avoid being trapped into a discussion about a particular product or being questioned about the market, you could say, “I’d rather you talk to [Rep Name], our Licensed Agent, who can tell you more about the benefits and features of the products, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.”
Think of the annuity program as any other part of what you provide your clients
If customers ask things like, ” Why doesn’t the bank offer these investments (products)?”

You could answer: “State and federal regulations prohibit non-licensed agents from offering these types of products directly to their customers. For that reason, we have licensed agents/registered representatives here who can offer them to you.”

Effective Phrases

You may find one or more of these general phrases to be very effective in your referral efforts, not only for annuity referrals, but for referrals to other insurance-related programs as well.

  • “I would encourage you to come in and learn more about it, [customer name].”
  • “That’s a very good question, [customer name]. That is one of the topics to be covered when you meet with [name of insurance representative], our Iannuity expert.”
  • “Lots of customers have asked about that, [customer name]. [Name of fixed annuity representative], our Safe Money Specialist, will cover that in detail, so you will have the information you need to make the right decision for you.”
  • “We just want to keep you informed about your options.”
  • “I have told many of my best customers about our program and they have been very pleased to meet [name of insurance representative], our Safe Money Specialist.”
  • “I really think it will be worth your while, [customer name].”
  • “Have you had a chance to meet [name of insurance representative], our Safe Money Specialist yet? She offers products that may have the potential for higher returns, no market risk and tax savings. She might be able to help you.”
  • “Have you had a chance to talk to [name of insurance representative], our Safe Money Specialist? He might be able to help you get a better return without risk with the products he offers.”
  • “If you want to lower your income taxes, it could be worth your time to meet with our Safe Money Specialist, [name of insurance representative], to learn how these programs work.”