Maintaining a Winning Attitude!

It’s been a GREAT day! Your best day all month. Every customer you called wanted to talk to you and all your appointments produced sales. As you’re heading home for the weekend you say to yourself ‘I was really ‘on’ today ‘I felt energetic, positive, successful’ I wish everyday could be like this one!’

According to researchers, top salespeople use a variety of activities to improve their confidence, eliminate fear, reduce stress and maintain a positive attitude. Here’s just a few.
Positive Affirmations: Sales Trainer and motivational speaker Tom Hopkins suggests the following:
·         ‘Today, I will win!’
·         ‘Today, I will see opportunity in every challenge!’
·         ‘I never take rejection personally, people only reject an idea not me!’
·         ‘I am a winner!’
Avoid Negative Self-Talk: Research has shown that negative self-talk leads to negative moods and lack of motivation. Instead of making some ‘cold calls’ try making some ‘GOLD CALLS’. Next time you catch yourself saying ‘problem’ call it an ‘opportunity’. The next time you ‘fail’ to close the sale, describe it as a ‘learning experience’ and move on to the next call or appointment!
Take Some Risks: Remember you’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!
·         Try a new approach with your business! If you always have branch meetings in groups try one-on-one meetings. How about going on a joint sales call with a branch manager!
·         Learn about one new product and call your existing customers to let them know about it!
·         Call to congratulate some top sales representatives and then let them tell you what has worked for them!
·         Visit businesses around your branches and introduce yourself!
Excercise: A Gallup survey found that of people who just started excercising, feel more confident, more creative, and have more engery.
Remember the only thing in life that you control 100% is your attitude!