Securing the Appointment on the Phone

One of the best known keys to securing an appointment is through making efficient use of the telephone. It is important to remember that your primary goal is to sell an appointment. You are not calling to sell a product, make small talk or tell the client everything you know about investments. Telephone prospecting does not have to be feared and can be an excellent source of new clients.

In these times of telemarketing, an unsolicited call can often be considered an intrusion, so in order to be more effective,  remember:

·         Keep the conversation brief and to the point
·         Remain highly professional
As with other aspects of your business, practice is crucial. Practicing with a written telephone script ensures that no important elements of your call will be left out.
Proper use of a script helps you, the caller, sound professional and keeps the conversation in compliance. When you call, make the client feel that their time on the phone will be brief, you are well organized and do not sound scripted.
·         Create a courteous professional introduction that includes your name and your organization.
·         Ask if this is a convenient time to have a brief business conversation, if not, ask when would be a good time and be sure to follow through. This polite consideration of the prospect’s time will yield a more receptive response.
·         Provide basic information quickly – you are calling because….
·         Highlight a few key benefits – many people are unaware of the variety of investment opportunities you can offer.
·         Stress the convenience of your location or your ability to come see them.
·         Provide the opportunity to meet the client to enable you to provide more detail.
·         Communicate (and emphasize) how short the appointment will be.
·         Ask for the appointment, and offer more than one convenient time.
·         Let them know that you will send a reminder card or give them a telephone call to remind them of the appointment. Make sure the client has your telephone number in case of emergency and they cannot keep the appointment.
These simple, “Rules of the Phone” can help you increase your appointment closing ratio significantly.