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ProVision Brokerage


Solutions to Life's Financial Questions™️

Phone: (888) 776-7590 toll-free

Meet our team


  • ProVision Brokerage, LLC was founded by V. Eric Couch and his wife, Catherine Couch.

ProVision Brokerage, LLC is an independently owned insurance marketing organization (IMO) focused on assisting financial advisors to meet the needs of their clients by using a solution-based approach with Annuities, Life Insurance and Asset-Based Long Term Care. Our mission is to listen, understand and then provide solutions to life’s financial questions. We specialize in retirement and protecting the assets you and your clients have spent a lifetime accumulating. We don’t take risk. We deal in guarantees.

Eric Couch has been in the retirement planning business for over 20 years, specializing in annuities. Catherine Couch grew up in the insurance industry and was involved in her family’s brokerage agency for most her of early life.

ProVision Brokerage was built on 2 key principles that differentiate them in the marketplace today:

Deep Product Knowledge: Simply put, we are product nerds. We are passionate about finding the best solution for the client — Therefore, ProVision Brokerage is “Customer-centric” not “Product-centric.” Rather than knowing or specializing in only one company and pushing people to certain products or companies, ProVision Brokerage has built business and rapport through intense knowledge-base that encompasses hundreds of products and companies.

       “We strive to simplify the unfathomable array of options available and help create a plan just for your client that matches their goals and desires. We help make your client’s intangible financial goals a tangible reality.”

Authentically Good People: ProVision Brokerage is driven by making a difference in the financial health of people’s lives. The needs/goals/wants of those we serve are the only thing that matters; period. Eric and Catherine have purposefully built a team that consists of genuinely good people who share their desire to put people and their needs above personal profit. We will give you the correct solution even when we know it won’t benefit us because you never go wrong by doing right. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide expert skill, knowledge, vision, training and follow-through in assisting financial advisors who are seeking to offer the best solutions for their clients.

A Message from CEO, V. Eric Couch:

“The reason I’m here today is due to God’s provision in my life. My God-given desire is to help financial advisors provide the best solutions to their clients. To me this is not a job or a career, but a calling. I am called to help, serve, impact and provide hope for future generations. ProVision Brokerage began as a way for us to assist financial advisors by giving expert advise and resources that can ultimately impact families for generations to come. It’s that belief that drives me and my staff to always do the right thing and to study constantly so as to have solutions to life’s financial questions.”

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